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The Morning After…

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Tuesday morning of this week, my wife and I, from our front porch, were privileged to look out across ice covered hills into a clear sky commanded by a riveting sun.  I thought you might enjoy this beautiful remnant of an ice storm that covered much of the middle of the NA continent.  Countless homes are, no doubt, still without power in ice ravaged towns across the southern plains, but we enjoyed our two to three hours of candle light which reminded us how great and convenient electricity truly is.  Winter heaps inconvenience on us sometimes, but the cold, clear days of January, after one has acclimated to winter, are really enjoyable.  Now for a really good snow and some sledding on our hill.  Come enjoy it with us!

Life Less Complicated

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These heifers are enjoying a nice winter day, little knowing that life is going to get a bunch more complicated in a few weeks as they get the opportunity to be young mothers.  Their whole attitude will change, and they may not care to stand with their new calves while I drive up beside them in my pickup.  You may notice the closest one to the camera features shortened ears indicating she herself was born on a day when cold temperatures caused frost bite at the ends of her ears – and the tips fell off.  She almost looks as if she still resents it.  I’d think so if it weren’t for the fact that she is the one that will lick my hand hoping I have some grain.

Text Book Sand Hills Cowboy

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On one of my trips through the sand hills a few weeks ago, I was privileged to visit with a friend of mine as he was unsaddling after riding pastures and checking pairs and windmills.  He was kind enough to stand still for me a moment while I snapped his picture.  Just let me know if you want to meet this cowboy and others spread across some of the best ranch country on the face of the planet!

Winter Sunbathing, Nebraska Horses Style

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WOW! Was it cold last weekend – well below 0! Many of you experienced it just like we did in Central Nebraska. Our five horses, being naturally winter weatherized very well, thank you, in spite of the cold weather, fair very well. But even they are glad when the weather breaks.  I saw something that I’d never seen in my life yesterday, Tuesday, a much warmer, sunny day. I saw all five of those horses laying out flat on my alfalfa field sunning themselves.  I’ve observed horses most of my life and note them lying down some, but, with the suspensory apparatus in their legs, they can sleep very well standing up and spend most of their time standing.