Uncategorized Making Yourself At Home Just Took on a Whole New Meaning…

June 7, 2017by Bill Burdett

I’m enamored with the patience of the fawn in the center of this picture lying up against our home this evening in Central Nebraska. It is waiting patiently – and probably has been since last night’s dark – for it’s mother to return to pick it up. If you can enlarge your picture, you’ll see it between the bush and the plexiglass top of the egress window. I hope the trail camera that I hung in a tree gets some good photos of the rendezvous tonight, after dark, of mom and youngster.

Consider hitching a ride with me and striking out across Nebraska and beyond. We can stop by a few farms and ranches and say “Hello” to the small percentage of society that gets to see things like this fawn on a pretty regular basis!

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Bill Burdett

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