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Horizons Without Bounds, so named because we believe that life’s horizons are, in so many ways, limitless. It’s in this spirit we have created opportunities, including really experiencing agriculture, that will brighten the lives of you and those around you. Let us guide you to farms and ranches and those that own and operate them!

Let us be your guides and travel hosts and introduce you to friends of ours that have been there, in many cases, for generations.  Let them, and us, give you the real stories, as we travel, behind ranching and farming.  Along the way, we can also take in the geographical, historical, and novel attractions – such as the Missouri River; the Sandhills and their rivers including the Niobrara, the Loups, the Dismal, and the Calamus; Ft. Robinson; land marks on the Oregon Trail; and even Ft. Laramie in Wyoming – that make this region so awesome.

We can experience the many awesome rivers of Nebraska through canoeing, kayaking, or “tanking”, or simply absorbing their serenity.  We can experience birding, fishing, and see wildlife, if that’s what’s calling your name.  The best little farm and ranch town cafes and unique eateries are out there beckoning us as well, and they’ll give us an opportunity to absorb the rural way of life while enjoying great home-style cooking.

We can enjoy the hospitality of the rural hotels and bed and breakfasts along the way.   And we can do all of this, and then some, with people who have the know-how to maximize our experience.  Along with established venues, we can customize trips to suit you and your Family and Friends – whether it be one day, or three days, or six days.  We are the rural travel planners and personally know the people of the plains – from the Missouri River to the Front Range.  For the relaxing, interesting, and rewarding Nebraska vacation experience you’ve dreamed about, this trip back in time – and across time and generations – is unique and will make you smile.

Watermelon Capital Paved with Pumpkins
So why does one mess with cows in this climate??!!
Pardon the lousy picture, but...
Blended family...
From Appearance This Morning, to Disappearance on August 21st
Life Less Complicated



Dr. Kevin Hill

Cattle veterinarian Bill Burdett’s lifelong interest in agriculture, geography, and history makes him the perfect ambassador…  Bill is a rare blend of cowboy, scientist, grandpa, and disciple of Christ. His working knowledge of natural wonders including the sandhills, grasslands, pine ridge, rivers and valleys and farmlands will help you understand and enjoy this unique slice of American agriculture…  Bill and I have worked together for many years in the cattle industry and have become personal friends with mutual respect for one another’s God-given talents.  He will introduce you to conversations with livestock producers that will mesmerize you and give you the rare opportunity to follow the less traveled roads…


Dr. Michael Bolton

Working side by side on many veterinary projects with Dr. Burdett for nearly ten years has given me a window into his integrity and enthusiasm for life.There is no one more knowledgeable about, and appreciative of, his natural surroundings and no one more willing to share this Knowledge. I am proud to call Bill my friend!


Mr. Steve Johnson

I have known Dr. Burdett for in excess of 20 years.  He has always exemplified himself as an honest, and energetic participant in the many ventures I’ve been privileged to join with him in. His knowledge of, and passion for Nebraska’s scenic beauty, and it’s agricultural lifeblood is second to none. His quick wit, and pleasant demeanor will put any and all at ease! I am certain you will have a truly memorable experience with “Dr. Bill” as your guide!


Dr. Scott Nordstrom

Dr. Bill Burdett owned a veterinary clinic in Nebraska and worked as a technical services veterinarian for many years.  In these jobs he traveled extensively throughout Nebraska and the U.S.  I can think of no better resource on the geography and history of Nebraska.

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